Water quality

The water quality in drinking water and process water installations can be disrupted by various causes. BioLab solves your problems.

Water research

The water quality in drink and process water installations can be disrupted by various causes. Such causes can be microbiological, which can cause for example a Legionella contamination, or chemical deviations, such as corrosion, that can damage the installation or increases the health risks of the users.

BioLab can determine, by use of a water-quality water research, whether there is a Legionella contamination or not. BioLab will measure the water quality by carrying out a sampling. Then the analysis of water quality is carried out in an independent laboratory.

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Research water quality

BioLab researches water by taking samples and analyzing this in a laboratory. This way, the water quality will become visible. If necessary, BioLab can help you implement specific measures to improve water quality. Dutch drink and process water should meet strict requirements. To guarantee the water quality, certain micro-organisms and chemicals may not or only to a limited extent be present in the water. BioLab can carry out a water research and measure the quality of water, where are prevailing standards are being tested. This ensures that you comply with all the required legislations and regulations regarding the water quality. Moreover, BioLab can specify or enlarge the water research by investigating the water quality on for example corrosion in the water installation or on customer complaints.

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BioLab is a professional in chemical water research.  Problems can arise within drink or process water systems due to encrustation of for example iron, lime, and manganese. Long inactivity of the system could be the reason for starting a chemical water quality research.

The presence of chemicals can seriously threaten the quality of water. This could lead to health risks among the users or to a reduced efficiency or damage to the water installations. The water researches from BioLab measures the water quality and traces and solves possible causes and problems.

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The amount of microbiologic organisms present in the water can be monitored by use of samples. The amount of organisms should meet the strict requirements. BioLab can carry out a water research specialized in microbiological organisms and additionally test this against the applicable laws and regulations.

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Cleaning and disinfection

If the water research of BioLab has proven that there is a Legionella contamination, it is necessary that immediate measures are taken. It is necessary to clean and disinfect the piping and installations to avoid further contaminations and improve water quality. BioLab can provide this service to you by professionally using different disinfection methods that the Legionella contamination can be remedied quickly and effectively. Herewith you can choose between a thermal disinfection or a chemical disinfection. BioLab can advise which method fits for which situation.

  • Thermal disinfection – The present Legionella bacteria will be killed by water with a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. This thermal disinfection method could be executed by BioLab locally (in a pipe section or tapping point) or it could be applied on the entire installation.

  • Chemical disinfection – In some cases, the thermal disinfection does not work. In this case, BioLab executes a chemical disinfection. By use of specific chemicals the Legionella bacteria will be killed.

After water research, BioLab reports the findings and takes care of the entire process that follows. Firstly, the water quality should be normalized again and herewith the main priority is to eliminate direct contamination risks immediately. Secondly, BioLab determines the possible causes of the Legionella contamination. After that, BioLab takes appropriate measures to correct the contamination and to improve the water quality.

The measures could vary from local cleaning of contaminated taps to the chemical disinfection of the entire pipe water installation. By use of re-sampling, BioLab will control if the contamination is solved and if the risk for users is eliminated. By periodic sampling and measurements, the water quality can be managed by BioLab and action can be taken if any deviations may occur. Based on the results of the research, BioLab will issue applicable advice. BioLab offers the support that is needed when implementing the (possible) solution(s).

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It is highly important to keep an eye on the water quality of the drink and process water. A reduced water quality can cause serious health risks for users or wear of water installations. A good water quality leads to healthy employees and well-functioning installations. This means: a decrease in absenteeism due illness and an increase in work performance. When deviations occur in the water values, action should be taken immediately.

BioLab can support you by providing suitable measures. Our professionals provide various effective solutions for normalizing and optimizing the water quality.

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Did you know...?

Legionella is a bacterium that occurs mainly in (tap)water.

Did you know...?

Inflammation with the Legionella bacteria can cause pneumonia.

Did you know...?

Contamination at home can be prevented with simple measures.

Did you know...?

After infection the first complaints occur after 2 to 20 days.

Did you know...?

Every year about 400 people are so severely affected by Legionella infection that hospitalization is necessary. Around 10 percent of people die of the condition.

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