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BioLab is an independent research and consulting agency, specialized in water research, air research, asbestos research, and the management and improvement of the indoor climate of businesses and institutions. We are located in Barendrecht and founded in 2004.

Currently there are around 25 employees working for BioLab. Our customers are mainly installers, (health)care institutions, governmental institutions, the real estate industry and the businesses industry. One of the characteristics of BioLab is that we do not solely execute research but additionally provide a suitable solution as well. The term ‘Research & Solutions’ is therefore inextricably linked to BioLab.

Research and advice regarding a healthy indoor climate is essential for the environment you work and live in. Living and working in a healthy indoor climate can lead to a decrease in absenteeism due illness and herewith an increase in work performance and business results.

BioLab can provide you a clear view on how your building looks like in the micro-biologic world and provides insight in how you can prevent or tackle possible microbiological problems. We can investigate microbiologically contaminated places such as the air treatment systems, walls, and floors, for the presence of bacteria, molds, and yeasts.

Water research is mainly focused on investigating Legionella. BioLab wants to distinguish themselves and herewith improve their competitive advantages by use of the following core values.

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BioLab sponsoring

BioLab contributes to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by sponsoring several organizations. These organizations are mainly charities or organizations that strive for positively tackling specific social problems.

BioLab Core Values

  • Top-quality service
    Top-quality service
  • Excellent quality level
    Excellent quality level
  • Transparency
  • Involvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility

Our competitive advantage



Cooperating with the customer to develop and design new solutions.



Proactively react to future developments within the market.



Actively meet the current and future wishes and requirements of the customer.



Actively meet the developments of relevant norms and legislations.

BioLab mission & vision

Our mission

BioLab wants to develop to a highly preferred agency with the best market position in the field of air, water, and asbestos research within a high valued, environment-responsible market by delivering top-level quality and service.

Our vision

We will realize a sustainable and profitable growth by dedication to our employees, customers, and the safety and care for our environment, by the Total Quality Management concept. To reach this goal, we strive to be honest and a transparent employer at all times, that is actively involved in rewarding employees and where diversity is embraced.  

Contact BioLab:

NetherlandsBioLab Research & Solutions
1e Barendrechtseweg 40-44
2992 XC Barendrecht

Postbus 392
2990 AJ Barendrecht

E-mail: info@biolab.nl
Tel. 088 1900 900
Fax. 088 1900 901

DubaiBioLab Research & Solutions
Plot No. 531 – 519 Dubai – UAE
P.O Box 61670

E-mail: info@biolab.nl
Tel. +31 (0)88 1900 900
Fax. +31 (0)88 1900 901

BioLab Research & Solutions B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number 24463880. The VAT number NL8209.01.428.B01 applies here.
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