Housing Inspection

Housing inspection

At present, it is estimated that the gas and electrical installations in more than half of the homes do not meet the safety requirements. Are you the owner of one or more houses? The Building Decree, the rent law and housing law state that the owner of a home is at all times responsible for a safe installation in the home. With the BioLab Housing Inspection you can avoid problems.

What do we do at the Housing Inspection?

The Housing Inspection is an inspection of the complete indoor installation in the field of Gas, Water & Electricity. As an independent research and consultancy firm, BioLab can provide you with a periodic inspection. It happens in practice that a resident makes adjustments, so that the house no longer meets the current guidelines. With the Housing Inspection you are aware of the safety of the installations of the house and you can take timely action if a house is in default with the current NEN standards.

The Housing Inspection includes the following parts:

In the GAS section, we perform the following checks;

  • Gas pipeline; check for nominal pressure and any gas leaks.
  • Connected gas appliances; check for nominal pressure and any gas leaks, correct operation
  • Flue gas outlets; check for airtightness and correct attachment
  • CO2 measurement

The gas installation must comply with the NEN 1078 standard

In the Water section, we perform the following checks;

  • Correct connections, seals on pipes and any leaks
  • Are there hotspots perceptible
  • Are there dead pipe parts present in the installation
  • Its tapping points are provided with the correct backflow protection
  • The right temperature;
    • Cold water under 25 degrees
    • Hot water above the 55 degree central heating boiler (60 degrees in case of district heating)

The water installation must comply with the NEN 1006 standard

In the section Elektra we carry out the following checks;

  • Residual current device (switch-off time)
  • Insulation measurement; the wiring is correct
  • Impedance measurement
  • Safety meter cupboard and electrical system including wall sockets
  • Improper extensions in the electrical installation
  • Leveling of metal conducting parts in wet rooms

The electricity installation must comply with the NEN1010 standard.

From these checks you will receive a report with our findings. You must take action yourself in case of default. We can of course advise you here. If any defects have been rectified, BioLab can carry out a re-inspection or the repair has been carried out in accordance with the applicable standards.

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